Tear Stains

Most pet owners do the best they can for their pets. They feed them the healthiest foods available, play with them, and even treat them as a member of the family. However, some aspects of a pets health can be out of our direct control, such as how tear stains may affect their outward beauty or appearance. Epiphoria, more commonly known as tear stains, is one of these common occurrences in pets. These stains can be more prevalent in smaller breeds such as the Shi-Tzu, Poodle, and Maltese dogs. Tear stains are also more obvious on pets with white or lighter fur or hair. Tear stains develop as a result from the accumulation of a dog’s tears on the fur or hair which allows both bacteria and yeast to form. As a result, the hairs located around and under the eyes appear stained.

Amazingly, our product, Tearplex™, can help with this common issue*. What makes Tearplex™ so special is that our formula works by addressing the look of both old and new stains, and is effective toward future stains*. Other tear stain products that are topically applied only help with the existing stains and are only a temporary solution as the stains will eventually return within a short period of time.

By using Tearplex™ it helps to inhibit new stains from occurring on the fur or hair of the pet*. Using Tearplex™ daily, the stained fur or hair will eventually grow out or be trimmed away, then the new fur and hair will be stain free thanks to the power of the Tearplex™ formula*.

Our company takes great pride in our formula by combining innovation of both science and beauty. Our innovative chemist thoroughly researched the ingredients contained in Tearplex™ to ensure that two primary objectives were targeted: First, that the product works effectively on tear stains, and that the formula contains natural ingredients that will not compromise the health of the dog or cat*.

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