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Great product, worked great for my Shi-Tzu. No more stains!!!
Michael (Orlando, FL) - Verified Purchase
I love my Maltese but has severe tear stains. At first i was a little skeptical about using products since it may harm animals. But i was recommended by a friend. I tried it on my dog and literally in 2 weeks the dark stains started fading away. I absolutely love the product.
Michelle (SC) - Verified Purchase
I have always wanted to start showing my standard poodle at local shows, but have never really made the effort to fully commit to it. While, Daisy, is a beautiful dog and is well-groomed, there has always been one problem:tear stains. In the past, I just used to clip some of the fur away and use baby wipe to clean underneath her eyes. However, my vet suggested I try a supplement to help prevent this problem from occuring. Anyway, long story short, I started using the product last month, and have seen some amazing results. In fact, I think Daisy also feels more beautiful. I plan to enter my first show next month and i owe a lot to this product, thank you very much.
Lisa (Macon, GA) - Verified Purchase
I began using this formula on my newly adopted rescue Cava-Tzu 2 months after i got him at age 3. Within a month no new tear stains were under his eyes and after the groomer clipped under his eyes he was completely free of tear stains.
Clayton, my Cava-Tzu, now has clear and very healthy looking eyes. I plan to use it forever because he looks so much better with stain free eyes. Thanks for this wonderful product.
Sharen H. - Verified Purchase
I just wanted to write in and say thank you for Tearplex™. I am a small breeder just getting started in California and I wanted to find a tear stain remover that only used natural ingredients.
Anonymous - Verified Purchase
I breed white dogs. Sometimes pups have terrible staining. I have tried everything on the market and found this product by accident! IT WORKS, within 2 weeks it was back to white faces! I can't ever remember buying something that "actually" lived up to the claims in the ads.
Norma (California) - Verified Purchase
We started seeing tear stains on our Bichon Frise, Rocky, when he was about seven weeks old. This was very frustrating for me and my husband because we always made sure Rocky was well cleaned and well groomed.
Anonymous - Verified Purchase

AWESOME PRODUCT, referring my friends

I have bought Tearplex for my Maltese. She started using it when she 2 1/2 months and she is 5 months old now. What an awesome product, she has no more brown stain and is clean and beautiful. I am very happy with this product and is recommending Tearplex to my friends who has Shih Tzu. Pricey but worth it. Thanks.
Josephine Fang - Verified Purchase
I have been using Tearplex for the last few months and my Havanese finally is cleared from all tear stains. the product is amazing, however do i have to use it "forever?"
Alice Sowin - Verified Purchase
I have used 3 bottles of Tearplex and it works - I love it! The only thing is ----- I free feed my dog and the only way i know if she is getting 1 tsp. per day is by putting the Tearplex in empty gelatin capsules - 6/ea of size 00 equals 1 tsp. the only thing that would make your product better is if it came in pill form.
Lala Sparks - Verified Purchase
I love Tearplex. It works beautifully!
Jeannette Onffroy - Verified Purchase
I have a yorkie who had terrible tear stains. I was skeptical, but i tried Tearplex and after about 3 weeks they were dried up. I highly recommend Tearplex to anyone. You have nothing to lose but the tear stains.
Erle Chenney - Verified Purchase
Thank you so much for making this product!
I used Angel's Eyes, against my better judgement. It worked for awhile, but then stopped. My dog hated the taste and i spent a fortune buying no salt turkey and sliced beef from Whole Foods to try and get him to take it. Tearplex is really working and Bentley actually likes it! No more having to buy something special to get him to take it.....and it's natural. I feel so much better about this. . Just finished the first bottle. Thank you so much!!!
Pamela (Redondo Beach, CA) - Verified Purchase
I switched to Tearplex from Angel's Eyes because of the antibiotic formula.
Tearplex works so well and quickly, my Pomeranian is gorgeous! No more crusty, funky, stained eyes to look into. I ran out of the stuff a long time ago and he remains stain FREE! Plus, it was good for him with all the vitamins and even at a Tsp. a day it lasted a LONG time. Will order more IF necessary!
Janis H. - Verified Purchase
I have a three-year old Maltese and i have been fighting with tear stains for as long as i have had him. I have spent hundreds of dollars on different products claiming to end tear stains, including Angel Eyes, and Tearplex is the only one that has proved to be successful. I am thrilled that instead of focusing on those terrible tear stains we can all now see what beautiful eyes my Spanky has. Thank you so much for creating a safe, natural product that actually works!
Shirley M. - Verified Purchase
I have a Maltipoo who at 2 months of age was already showing tear staining. I started him on the Tearplex and it has completely resolved and all the tear staining has disappeared. I highly recommend the product and my pup licks the bowl clean when it is sprinkled over his food.
Deborah M. - Verified Purchase
We've bought the Tearplex, and i have to say, I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, not anymore. It made a huge difference on my dog's eyes. Before, I had to cut out the stained hair from his eyes, every few days, i don't even see it anymore. Thank you so much for this great product. My question is: how long does my dog need to stay on Tearplex? Is it for the rest of his life?
Thank you!!
Szasza P. - Verified Purchase

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